"The future is female" show by Save art space 

 Save Art Space is an  non-profit organization that transforms advertisement spaces in cities throughout the US into ephemeral urban galleries. They have affected the landscapes of New York, L.A., Louisville, Brooklyn and more. I wrote a bit more about it here.

I am so excited that my drawing "The Leap" from The 24H Book is part of their latest exhibit titled "The Future is Female".  The show is featuring 10 female and female-identifying artists from all walks of life and using different mediums. The works are exhibited in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in phone booths, billboards and other reclaimed spaces. There will also be a gallery show at the Storefront Project opening on July 7th.  The show has received some great press in Bullett Media, Bustle,  Juxtapoz Magazine and the Huffington Post. (Can I say I've been published in the HuffPost now, since my piece is shown there? uh uh!) 

I went to see my installation the day after it went up, and yes, New York had already left its mark on it! 


Panel one at the corner of  hester & orchard

This one is on the Hester side of the crossroad.  

Panel Two at the corner of hester & Orchard

This one is on the Orchard side of the crossroad 


Panel One 

A true New York piece now, graffiti and all! 

Panel one and Two 

Kind of an awful picture I'll admit, but here I've got both my panels together :)