Announcement: The 24H Book!

It has been a bit silent around these parts recently, not because I was roasting under the Bermuda sun, but because I've been working hard on a new and (until now) secret project! I am nearing completion and I cannot contain my excitement! So without further ado, let me introduce to you my first ever collection of drawings in a book form: The 24H Book! 

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Etsy of NY Feature!

I am very excited that the Etsy NY team has chosen to feature my shop for one of their weekly member's social media portraits, the "Makers of Etsy NY" series!

I have been with the team for about a year now, and they are an awesome group of people sharing resources, knowledge, and helping each other in growing small businesses, both on and off-line. The team is very active with markets, fairs, and other crafts and handmade oriented events in the city and around, as well as online through the members' Etsy shops. They also have a great blog with tons of DIY tutorials that's definitely worth checking out! 

If you want to know more and follow the team on social media and see what is happening in and around New York CIty in the handmade community, here are their channels: 





"I made this custom portrait for a wedding that the groom's mother ordered as a surprise for them. They were having the...

Posted by Etsy New York on Saturday, September 26, 2015