In The Air - Tee Shirt/Hoodie Silkscreen Design

I've been wanting to make a silkscreen hoodie for the longest time! First off, I love hoodies! Second, I own a few that are silkscreened and I really enjoy the textures you can get and the feel of the print; the overall look has a uniqueness to it that I'd like to work with.

I have worked with silkscreen before, but it was pretty basic. I'd like to experiment with textures and transparencies, see what is possible with the medium. So, I am doing my research right now, and I'd like to find a shop to talk to the experts, and see what options are out there. I know there are a few very good ones in the city, I will definitely give it a go soon! In the meantime, I've been putting together what could be my first design. 

Here is the "In the Air" illustration for a silkscreen hoodie! What do you think? 


And here is a detail of the illustration