Ok, fine. I love florals!

I have to out myself, and admit to the Universe that I was wrong: Yes,  I love making floral patterns. 

I was wallowing in a crappy mood for the last few weeks, and got snippy at all the floral and spring-inspired designs I saw around. They represented all the things I wasn't at the moment.I whined to my best friend that "everyone is doing floral, I mean, why? It's everywhere! Why do people even like it? It's so played out!" She replied with a twinkle in her eye: "Well, why don't you try it, and see for yourself why everyone likes it?". I grumbled some more, but accepted the challenge and went to work. 

Well, it turns out, with the weather warming up and rays of sun flooding my drawing table; it felt completely natural to draw flowers, leaves and trees, and would you believe it, it lifted my mood instantly! I've been drawing flowers for the past two weeks straight! I've tried various mediums such as colored pencils, paints and pastels, and I'm exploring diverse color ways. It's been such a fun ride, and I must say, I am the first one surprised. It's opened up some creative floodgates, and I am so grateful for it! It took me away from my whiny, self-depreciating, sappy and unproductive silliness. 

I guess the moral of the story is to never say never, and to listen to good friends, specially when you don't like what they are telling you. Mei, you win. And I love you. 

And here are my hand drawn floral designs! Yayy! 

I posted them in the shop and really, I love the results. I'm such a sucker...