"My Trusted Tools" - New Items in the Society6 Shop!

With the advance of Spring, I've found myself craving some new bright designs! I've been working on a series I called "My Trusted Tools" celebrating my beloved crayons and pens who never fail to convey my enthusiasm to the page. It only takes one stroke to start something! So, here it is for the tools that give us that stroke (of genius?)! 

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Mugs and stuff

So I've recently opened my Society6 shop, but I figured that before I'd spam all my friends on social media and urge them to help a struggling artist, I wanted to see the quality for myself. I ordered a couple of products from my own shop to inspect the printing and item itself.

Well, I am pleased to report that I was extremely happy with what I got. The mug is a nice, sturdy, shiny pearly white coffee or tea cup that I'll absolutely use (I am somewhat of a tea snob). The handle is attached properly and it looks like something you'd buy in a store, not a cheap-o version of it. Which goes to show that when you buy from Society6, you pay for the art, but you do get a really nice quality item as well. I also got a few cards, and the printing was very nice, the paper was high-quality and they shipped it in a non-bendable cardboard enveloppe with a biodegradable cellophane sleeve. It all looked very good to me.

I think I'm going to order one of the tote bags next and pretend I'm not so vain as to order something I drew and wear it...  Although one could argue that I do wear the knitted items I make, so what's the difference, right? Anyway, I'm getting on a tangent which is disclosing my self-consciousness so I'll stop there. And urge you to help a struggling artist!   

Here is a picture of my *actual* mug, in my *actual* kitchen.