New Birdie Enamel Pins!!!

Yaaay!! I'm so happy! I just received my two new birdies enamel pins! They're fun, they make me smile! They're the perfect little gift for a friend. I've been drawing custom backings since last night, and I have about 40 ready, not bad eh? 

Bundle with a journal coming soon! 


(Click on the image to see the slideshow) 

SOI Riso Workshop at SVA

OK so this never happens. And it's not a bad thing, I'm not whining about it, I've accepted that fact. I just don't win things. I'm generally not very competitive anyway, but if the prize relies on pure luck, I don't win it. If there's no strategy involved, I have no chance. The game with the mechanical hands that try to grab a plush toy (you know that thing at bars and fairs)? Yeah, never got one.  The fishing-the-duck game? Nope, no win. And again, that's ok. I win at other stuff in life, and it's all good, the Universe and I had this understanding. I said "I'm ok with it, as long as you don't force me to play", because, you know, you don't have to push it either. 

Anyways, all that to say that when I was volunteering at MoCCA this Spring, my buddy Ryan and I (who's a great illustrator, check him out at @specialrobotdog) passed by the SVA Riso Lab presentation table. And they had a raffle to win a workshop. Well, the amount of effort required to participate was minimal (scribble your email address on a paper and throw it in a box), and Ryan said let's do it, so I did. (I'm pretty obedient at times, most of the times?), and you won't believe this, as I didn't but I WON THE RAFFLE!! MY NAME WAS PICKED OUT OF THE BOX! MEEEEEE! AjajjAJJAJAAHAHHAH 

AHem. Sorry, I got really excited about it. Just because it never happens. And now it has. So I guess I have to rewrite my life story now, and all my beliefs about myself, but that's for another blog post. 

I went to the workshop that was taught by the wonderful Nathan Fox (check him out @nathanfoxy) and Andrew. It was a joint effort between SVA MFA Visual Narrative Program and the Society of Illustrators. We were a very nice group of people and we collaborated on a zine, and then printed our own stuff. The zine turned out looking really cool, and I think we were all pretty in awe of what we we made in only two days. The lab is wonderful, very clean, and the faculty was super nice and helpful. The lab is a passion project it seems, and you could feel how invested in it they were. 

For my personal project, I made a poster for one of my mom's friends. She's been telling me how now that the weather is getting colder, her and her friend couldn't go swim as often as they did throughout the summer and were trying to figure out how to keep exercising. I am a big fan of DDP Yoga, and have seen how beneficial it's been for my bad ankles, and my dancer feet, so I thought it would be a great way for them to get back into exercising.

I made the poster inspired by some of the very simple poses that DDP (and yoga in general) offer, and with an older guy, because I think the fitness industry always promoting young and very fit people, sometimes can alienate people who are not like that (but who would benefit as well). I understand the concept of course, and the inspirational idea of it, but I just wanted to encourage them to try and say "the hell with it! We can do this!" . 

Artboard 1.jpg