The 24H Book is Here! (+ sweet pre order deal!)

It is with so much pleasure and pride that I announce today that my first book, The 24H Book -A collection of tender drawings, is ready to hit the shelves! After many months of hard work, the last proof has been approved, and I've received the sample copies, which look fantastic (as you can see below, ha!).

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Announcement: The 24H Book!

It has been a bit silent around these parts recently, not because I was roasting under the Bermuda sun, but because I've been working hard on a new and (until now) secret project! I am nearing completion and I cannot contain my excitement! So without further ado, let me introduce to you my first ever collection of drawings in a book form: The 24H Book! 

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Family Portrait

I got lucky to recently be commissioned for a portrait for an amazing family! It was so nice to be a part of a special moment for them, and be able to capture the joy and love of this family! 

We carefully chose the background to evoke a special place in their heart and anchor the drawing in their personal history. I love the flowing dress, the holding of hands, and joy of their beautiful little girl! 

I am always very humbled and excited that people trust me with capturing a beautiful moment of their lives, and I had such a great time drawing this one! 

And here is final art in frame! 

In The Air - Tee Shirt/Hoodie Silkscreen Design

I've been wanting to make a silkscreen hoodie for the longest time! First off, I love hoodies! Second, I own a few that are silkscreened and I really enjoy the textures you can get and the feel of the print; the overall look has a uniqueness to it that I'd like to work with.

I have worked with silkscreen before, but it was pretty basic. I'd like to experiment with textures and transparencies, see what is possible with the medium. So, I am doing my research right now, and I'd like to find a shop to talk to the experts, and see what options are out there. I know there are a few very good ones in the city, I will definitely give it a go soon! In the meantime, I've been putting together what could be my first design. 

Here is the "In the Air" illustration for a silkscreen hoodie! What do you think? 


And here is a detail of the illustration