"My Trusted Tools" - New Items in the Society6 Shop!

With the advance of Spring, I've found myself craving some new bright designs! I've been working on a series I called "My Trusted Tools" celebrating my beloved crayons and pens who never fail to convey my enthusiasm to the page. It only takes one stroke to start something! So, here it is for the tools that give us that stroke (of genius?)! 

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In The Air - Tee Shirt/Hoodie Silkscreen Design

I've been wanting to make a silkscreen hoodie for the longest time! First off, I love hoodies! Second, I own a few that are silkscreened and I really enjoy the textures you can get and the feel of the print; the overall look has a uniqueness to it that I'd like to work with.

I have worked with silkscreen before, but it was pretty basic. I'd like to experiment with textures and transparencies, see what is possible with the medium. So, I am doing my research right now, and I'd like to find a shop to talk to the experts, and see what options are out there. I know there are a few very good ones in the city, I will definitely give it a go soon! In the meantime, I've been putting together what could be my first design. 

Here is the "In the Air" illustration for a silkscreen hoodie! What do you think? 


And here is a detail of the illustration

Pattes de Mouche at the Bott Shoppe Part II

Hi gang! 

I made the trip to the Bott Shoppe in Mamaroneck, NY this past Saturday with a few friends! I wanted  to check out the place since I've had the chance to put up a few of my pieces for sale there, and see what else was exhibited. 

It was a beautiful November day with the sun shining and a brisk wind. We took the train from Grand Central and it was a super easy 40 min or so ride. The shop is a 3 min walk from the train station, making it very easy for us non-drivers to come up. 

bott shoppe friends

I found the shop very welcoming with hardwood floors, white walls, and windows in the front and back providing great light and warmth. Laura Saravia-Bott, the owner and creative director of the shop and director of the design firm The Bott Co , set up a little bar where we enjoyed a glass of wine and beer, while roaming around the space. She created a light-hearted, cozy atmosphere where shoppers could walk around, pick up items and look through posters and illustrations freely.

bott shoppe space
bott shoppe 4
bott shoppe 3
bott shoppe 5

The handmade art by local artists is mixed in with design and arts books, nifty electronic gadgets and a ton of great shopping ideas such as the Water Towers from Boundless Brooklyn.  Laura did a fantastic job populating the store with unique and quirky pieces, ranging from original paintings to art prints to natural soap and candles, I also saw some pet sweaters that were so adorable that I wish I had a dog! There were also some great home decor ideas such as vintage inspired towels, handmade coasters and fun hand crafted lamps in whiskey bottles. All the items on display were professionally curated and well-arranged throughout the space, following a color scheme that made the browsing very enjoyable (Hey! Visual artist here! These things matter!).

bott shoppe 6

I couldn't resist buying a card and a little pouch that were adorable! (I'll add a pic soon!) 

bott shoppe 7
bott shoppe 7

The Bott Shoppe is a pop-up store and gallery where you can find a lot of great and unique items, but a lot is happening there! From offering design and marketing services for individuals and companies alike to Makers Mixer events every Thursday, which is a "networking mixer for artists and artisans where they can share resources, their latest creations and support each other", Laura is reaching out and fostering a creative community, a stone's throw away from the city. She also mentioned that she will be offering online purchasing in the near future, but in the meantime if you see something that you like on the website, do not hesitate to contact her

Laura dreamed up this project and willed it to life, it is such an accomplishment that I am so excited to be a part of! I hope the shop is a success, for myself and the other artists involved of course, but more so I hope that the creative community embraces this newest endeavor and that the shop finds its audience and flourishes!

We can all use some more art in our lives! 


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