#SaveArtSpace The Future is Female

Hi friends!

I just got the wonderful news that my work will be part of this amazing show The Future is Female, organized by SaveArtSpace. I am SO pumped! 

They are a non-profit organization that transforms advertisement space in cities throughout the US into public art. They have affected the landscapes of New York, L.A., Louisville, Brooklyn and more. SAS's works towards "providing artists opportunities to display their work in the public space. Creating an urban gallery experience, we aim to affect and inspire and new generation of artists" which sounds so exciting to me! We do need more art around and less of the crap that only aims for our wallets. Reclaiming our urban spaces is an important step in shaping the future our cities and towns. The visual legacy of a society is so important in the future recognition of its achievements.

This particular exhibit The Future is Female, brings public art to New York City, showcasing local female artists on advertising spaces throughout the area beginning June 26, 2017.


The selected artists will also be exhibited at The Storefront Project, with an opening reception on July 7, 2017.

The curators are Alyse Archer-Coite, Marie Tomanova, Sandra Hong, Meryl Meisler, & Brittany Natale. Find more about the curators here. All submissions are featured on The Future Is Female Submissions and on SaveArtSpace social media pages with the permission of the artist. 

So look out for some more art on the streets by the end of June, and join me at the reception at the Storefront Project on July 7th! 

Summer Art Walk

Hi friends! 

A quick note to let you know that I am participating in the Summer Art Walk organized by the  Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership and the Fulton Business Alliance

The show kicks of this Saturday, May 20th and will stay up until June 21st. It is curated by the amazing Ramona Candy

I am very excited to be a part of this project and to collaborate with the MARP again -after the tree guard design I did last year with them- because I love this mission of bringing together local artists and neighborhood shops, strengthening the community and offering a wonderful free event for all. Come stroll around Fort Green/Clinton Hill this Saturday, the weather is forecast to be sunny and warm, perfect for a family outing in the neighborhood! 

I'll be at 456 Myrtle Ave, at the super cute [salon] 718 hair salon all Saturday. Here is the map of all the artists and other events going on. Check the Facebook event for the show with all the latest info. 


I'll post some process shots and how I approached designing and painting a window, which is a pretty specific medium in the coming weeks, but for now, I hope I'll see you on Saturday! 




New Year and the Women Who Draw directory

I've started a blog post to write down my thoughts as 2016 was coming to a close. I wrote it and rewrote and deleted it and started it again maybe 10 times. I can't seem to put into words how I feel and what my take on this new year is. I have a few super exciting projects coming down the pipeline and I'm looking forward to be sharing those, 

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The 24H Book is Here! (+ sweet pre order deal!)

It is with so much pleasure and pride that I announce today that my first book, The 24H Book -A collection of tender drawings, is ready to hit the shelves! After many months of hard work, the last proof has been approved, and I've received the sample copies, which look fantastic (as you can see below, ha!).

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Announcement: The 24H Book!

It has been a bit silent around these parts recently, not because I was roasting under the Bermuda sun, but because I've been working hard on a new and (until now) secret project! I am nearing completion and I cannot contain my excitement! So without further ado, let me introduce to you my first ever collection of drawings in a book form: The 24H Book! 

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"My Trusted Tools" - New Items in the Society6 Shop!

With the advance of Spring, I've found myself craving some new bright designs! I've been working on a series I called "My Trusted Tools" celebrating my beloved crayons and pens who never fail to convey my enthusiasm to the page. It only takes one stroke to start something! So, here it is for the tools that give us that stroke (of genius?)! 

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