Silkscreen Adventures: The Dragon Shirt

Since I've finished my postcards, I've been having a ton of fun making this exclusive PdM Dragon shirt! I actually *really* like it, so much so that I've been wearing it a lot. I've been strolling around the city in it, shamelessly taking selfies (with duck face and everything!) at every other street corner for the last week or so.

The shirt is 100% cotton, super soft and light, and in the heat we've had recently, it's been super comfortable to wear. It's a unisex cut, which I like. I bought a bunch of different ones from the same place to try out knowing I would mess up a few of them at first, so I ended up having some that were crewnecks, and some that were V-necks. I like both options honestly.

I've tried various colors for the "clouds" and "moon" designs, and printed it on white, grey and blue shirts, but I think in the end, I really like how the color pop on white, and the simplicity of the overall design with bold colors. 

What do you think? More selfies?