Announcement: The 24H Book!

Dear friends! 

It has been a bit silent around these parts recently, not because I was roasting under the Bermuda sun, but because I've been working hard on a new and (until now) secret project! I am nearing completion and I cannot contain my excitement! So without further ado, let me introduce to you my first ever collection of drawings in a book form: The 24H Book! 

It is a collection of tender drawings around the theme of time, 24 drawings for 24 hours of the day. I envisioned it as vignettes of life around the city, capturing moments and interactions that resonated with me. I am designing it as a coffee table book, an easy to carry square (8"x8") paperback. The perfect gift for an artsy dad, or a mischievous girlfriend! 

I am putting the finishing touches to it and it should be available before the end of the Summer!

I am so very excited for this, stay tuned as I post more updates and discount for the pre-orders! 


With all my love,