ecole pre-du-camp, geneva, switzerland

When I first got the call about a project for the Pré-du-Camp school in Geneva, I was overjoyed! Not only because Geneva is my hometown, but also because my niece and nephews went to this school! I got even more excited about the project when I spoke with the educational team there and listened to their ideas, and what they wanted to accomplish. Their passion for their students and their teaching mission was very inspiring, and I wanted to make sure the less exciting side of school (rules!) was still a bit playful. I also wanted to emphasize in subtle ways how school is here to help, and that respect, politeness and general empathy are the foundation of any functioning society. 

They needed 8 illustrated panels to go along their rules of conduct, as well as a summary poster to post around the school, and make a brochure. Loved working on this one!


1. Speak politely and with respect 

The group is emphasizing that throwing a tantrum is not cool. It doesn't make you look tough to demand things and to be a loud, obnoxious bully. 


3. act peacefully. (To encourage or to stay passive is to participate) 

Learning how to resolve conflict in a peaceful way is a skill that is very useful generally in life. As well as knowing how and having the confidence  to speak up against violence or injustice.



Obviously, it's more stressful to be late than to be on time! Save yourself some anxiety and just get there on time :) 

Pre du Camp Poster A3.png