Louis' big Day

Michael Paul (writer) Linda Scott Campbell (color) and myself recently partnered to create an original piece for the new anthology "One Comic To Rule Them All",  put  together by the Comic Book Hour collective. It was a super cool experience to work with these two on a new project!

One of things that makes this anthology special is that it requires artists to work in teams in order to submit. It is designed to encourages people to work together and create collaboratively, which was wonderful for me. Drawing *can* be a bit lonely sometimes, and it may sound pretty obvious but exchanging ideas, working on our story and basically putting our talents/heads/experiences together to create something new was so invigorating, so refreshing. 

We didn't make the final line-up, but I feel like we're all proud of the result. I know I love it! 


Page 1

We meet our main character, Louis. He's getting ready for his big night: he's got a date! 

Page 2 

Only problem, he has to take the train to the Outer Edges to go meet the lady... Will he make it on time?